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Political correctness in context (The PC controversy in America)

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Autor: Gomis Van Heteren, Annette

Año Public.: 1997

Encuadernación:Tapa blanda o Bolsillo;B5No definido4

Vendido y gestionado por Diego Marín, S.L.

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Coleccion: Literatura y Lingüística Num. en coleccion: 9

Idioma: Español

Idioma orig: Español

Alto 22,0 cm Ancho 14,0 cm Grueso 1,0 cm

Peso: 240

Resumen: In this book the recent phenomenon of political correctness or PC is studied in the American context in which it arose with a brief section devoted to its British press coverage. The author examines the question from the point of view of an outsider and one who moreover lives in continental Europe, and consequently her perspective aims to be as far-reaching as possible, in contrast to most of the studies of PC so far. The scope of the book discusses the background of PC and manifestations of the different aspects that make up the so-called PC debate, only one of which is the canon debate. Annette Gomis has an Honours degree in Modern Languages from Trinity College Dublin, and a degree in Modern Languages from the University or Valencia. She also has an MSc. in Theaching English from the University of Aston and a Ph.D.in English from the University of Granada. She is currently a member of the Dpeartment of French, English and German at the University of Almería.

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